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Lite-Teck Lighting Technicians have been in the entertainment industry for a number of years, which has lead to a great level of experience.

Locally owned and operated, Lite-Teck is based in Sunny Hawkes Bay, Napier!

Over the years, the original mission has expanded and the business has grown.

Lite-Teck offers lighting applications with custom and packaged solutions to a wide range of industries, including corporate exhibits, themed entertainment installations, retail, education, houses of worship, party planners and event producers.

Theatre is really where this company was born. We have the experience and knowledge to provide equipment and services for a wide range of productions.

We take the time to work with the director and producers of a show from early stages to ensure that the lighting design meets the needs of the production.

It takes a different skill set to operate lighting in a theatre and we understand this well.


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